February 2, 2015

You’ve heard from guitarist Tom DeLonge and bassist Mark Hoppus on the recent Blink-182 meltdown, but until now you haven’t heard from the third member of the band, drummer Travis Barker. That changed late last week when Barker spoke about the situation on local Los Angeles radio station KROQ.

Travis Barker velvet

Asked about DeLonge’s decision to pull out of all Blink activities for the foreseeable future, including the Musink Festival that Barker himself is presenting, Barker said, “The day before New Year’s Eve we got an email saying ‘Tom indefinitely is taking a leave of absence for he doesn’t know how long, it could be forever.’ More than likely it’s forever and (he) will not be doing anything Blink-related meaning live shows and recordings.”

Barker continued that this is exactly how DeLonge left the band in 2005, leading to a four-year hiatus. He explained, “This is exactly how it went down 10 years ago too. No phone call from Tom, it was always his management just says ‘Don’t bug Tom, Tom’s out. Leave him alone.'”

Hoppus added, “(DeLonge is) absolutely still my friend, it’s just he doesn’t want to play in a band.” The drummer also said that he juggles many projects outside of Blink, just as DeLonge does, but that “I always seem to still know how to prioritize Blink.”

As for DeLonge’s assertion that he and Hoppus discussed dismissing Barker from the band last year because of his inability to fly to get to shows, Barker said, “Mark had to explain it to me, and I was like, cool. If that was his decision, I definitely wouldn’t make the stink that he is now. I would bow out and be like, much love to you, I wish you nothing but the best. I wouldn’t be doing the back and forth and most importantly, I would speak for myself.”

Blink-182 will perform with Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio on guitar and vocals at the Musink Festival, which takes place from March 20th to 22nd in Costa Mesa, California.