Trainspotting 2: What We Know (So Far)

February 23, 2016

As you probably know, Transpotting is getting a sequel!


What we do know is that it’s shooting soon (May or June ’16).

Writer Danny Boyle spoke to The Hollywood Reporter back in 2013 and said that Trainspotting actors Robert Carlyle and Jonny Lee Miller would only have a short amount of time away from their respective TV shows Once Upon A Time and Elementary. “They only get this little window off. So either you wait for the contract to run down, which could be as late as three years, or you kind of try and do it in this window. But all four lads are back in.”


All four main cast members will return. And this time, the budget is bigger! Trainspotting was made for around 2.5 million … this one allegedly has a 20 million budget. John Hodges, the original scriptwriters back. And the script is finished.

The film is expected in 2016, 20 years after the original was released to theatres.


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