March 17, 2015

Tool has settled the complicated lawsuit that’s been a thorn in their side since 2007.


A friend of the band sued them eight years ago, claiming that he had created artwork for the group and wanted credit and compensation for it. Then an insurance company Tool had hired for the sole purpose of protecting itself against such lawsuits turned around and sued the band itself over technicalities in the case. Tool countersued the insurer, with the case finally being resolved in their favor after seven years.

Tool guitarist Adam Jones told Yahoo, “It got really ugly and shameful. This is a real simplification of the matter — but imagine paying auto insurance, getting into a wreck, and expecting the insurance company to cover you. And they come back to you and say, ‘Well, you drive an SUV and we don’t consider that an auto so we’re not going to cover you.’ And then they turn around and sue you because you want them to cover you. It’s crazy.”


The legal issues prevented Tool from touring more and from working at a faster pace on the band’s long-awaited new album. But Jones said that he had a good feeling when the case finally went before a judge.

He explained, “I had a real feeling that things were going to go in our favor because the day the trial was supposed to start, the venue was changed on us,. We moved over to a North L.A. courthouse and we had a brand new judge who was fantastic.” The guitarist added that the new judge’s name was Randy Rhodes.