Tom Hanks reveals Toy Story 4 is in production

November 30, 2015

Tom Hanks has revealed that he’s currently recording his dialogue for Toy Story 4!

toy story 4 b

During an interview on BBC’s The Graham Norton Show, Hanks said, “We’re now recording Toy Story 4… it will be out in 2018, so it takes a long time.” He added later, “I have a recording session on the second of December.”

After the release of Toy Story 3, when Hanks told a reporter that there would be a Toy Story 4, Hanks says he was contacted by Disney’s lawyers the following day, explaining his contractual obligations not to discuss the new film in case it affected Disney’s stock market price. Hanks said he responded, “Hey, I’m sorry, but let me just point out – I’m Woody, pal.”


Hanks also talked about the strenuousness of recording dialogue for four hour-sessions, saying, “My diaphragm gets a workout. By the time I’m leaving I’m driving home and they had to put an ice chest on my diaphragm just so I can go home because it’s clenched throughout.” Watch the interview below:


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