February 18, 2015

Former Blink-182 singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge is well known for his interest in the paranormal, but in a new interview with Papermag he claims that he’s been contacted by alien beings twice, adding that his life could be in danger because he knows too much about their existence.

DeLonge revealed that his first experience came at a campsite near the famous Area 51 Air Force base, where it was once rumored that the government kept alien technology from crashed UFOs.

Alien Getty460

DeLonge explained that he woke up at the site around three in the morning, saying, “My whole body felt like it had static electricity . . . and there’s a conversation going on outside the tent. It sounded like there were about 20 people there, talking. And instantly my mind goes, OK, they’re at our campsite, they’re not here to hurt us, they’re talking about s**t, but I can’t make out what they’re saying. But they’re working on something. Then I close my eyes and wake up, and the fire is out and I have about three hours of lost time.”

DeLonge claims to have heard secret recorded testimony about technology that the U.S. government created from alien designs — and was warned to watch what he said.

He recalled, “One time I remember bringing up a very specific craft that I believe we’re building . . . this engineer looks at me, this guy is 70 years old, and he goes, ‘You better be real f**king careful about what you’re talking about.’ . . . And he calls me up the next day and he goes, ‘I’ve had calls about you. If someone comes and asks you to get in their car, don’t f**king get in the car.'”

Blink Tom Delonge

DeLonge said a while back that much of our computer technology, as well as the Internet, sprang from extraterrestrial origins: “A UFO crashed in ’47 and that’s how we got integrated circuit chips and fiber optics and stuff. That’s where it’s all from. And they were scared that they didn’t know what the integrated circuit chip was. They always thought that maybe later on in the future it could lead to the demise of the world with aliens coming to this Earth. Well, what is the Internet? It’s a global-wide neurological system of computers where every single thing that we do and know and read and everything is on computers, and sent out all over the world.”

Blink-182 came apart last week after bassist Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker announced that they were going to begin rehearsals for an upcoming festival appearance without DeLonge.

The pair later claimed that DeLonge did not really want to be part of the band anymore, alleging that his manager had indicated that DeLonge was “out.”

DeLonge countered that he was still part of the group, but that other commitments will keep him away for Blink for most of the rest of the year.

Hoppus and Barker have begun rehearsing with Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio on guitar and vocals, and plan to perform at the Musink Festival over the weekend of March 20th to 22nd in Costa Mesa, California