Theory Of A Deadman Joins The TODDCast

November 5, 2014

Dave Brenner, guitarist in Theory of a Deadman just stopped by for a TODDCast Podcast chat.

We cover everything from Words With Friends shit talk… to who’s gonna win the Stanley Cup in 2015… to kicking Dane Cook out of a poker tournament organized by Jerry Cantrell. And to getting your passport stamped in Russia!

Golf brought Theory of a Deadman into my life. Their bassist Dean was golfing with his then girlfriend Stacey. His now wife. Me and a buddy Kyle were paired up with them.

Mid way through the round, about hole 8 or 9, Dean goes, “Hey, aren’t you Todd Hancock from CFOX Radio?” and I went, “Yep, same guy.” and Dean says, “You should hear my band, think you’d like us” (to which ALL RADIO DJs hear the same thing)

After golf, Kyle and I went over to Theory’s then drummer Tim’s place, listened to the disc. It was clear it would only be a matter of time before they were a household name.

Catch Theory of a Deadman’s Dave Brenner on The TODDCast Podcast Jan 9, 2015.

And check out their latest single “Savages” featuring Alice Cooper!