February 13, 2015

You know what they say about eating oysters, but are the claims that certain foods are aphrodisiacs true?

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Rick Moonen, a prominent seafood chef says, “The oyster has a lot of zinc in it, and zinc is very good for a man’s prostate. It adds lead to the pencil, so to speak.”

Damon McCune, coordinator of the UNLV Nutrition Center, says he doesn’t buy the story on most aphrodisiacs,”There’s very little legitimate science to back up conclusively that [most] will help. That said, there are some that will stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain. Stuff like dark chocolate.”

However if you really want to amp up your partner’s desire, you should hit the gym together.

McCune says exercise is the one thing we actually have “some evidence to support having an impact on treating erectile dysfunction and increasing sexual activity and performance.”