March 10, 2015

The Apple Watch made its debut on Monday (March 9th), unveiled by CEO Tim Cook at an event in San Francisco. Pre-orders for the smartwatches will begin on April 10th, and sales will begin two weeks later on the 24th.

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Apple’s smartwatch will come in three models:

  • Apple Watch Sport — The cheapest model is made of aluminum and will have a price of $349 for the smaller size and $399 for the larger one, which is four millimeters bigger. The Sport will be available in a range of colors and bands.
  • Apple Watch — This model will be made of stainless steel, with a price that starts at $549 and goes up to $1,049 for the smaller size, and ranges from $599 to $1,099 for the larger one, with the price difference depending on the watch band chosen.
  • Apple Watch Edition — The limited-edition luxury model has a case made from 18-karat gold, as well as bands and buckles that are also made from solid gold. The Edition will cost $10,000, and only be available in certain stores.

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Apple’s watches will have a built-in microphone that lets users make phone calls, as well as full email capability, with the wearer alerted to an incoming message by a tap on the wrist. Users will be able to use their watches to unlock their room doors at certain hotels and to pay for things like groceries by using Apple Pay, which is integrated into the watch. There are also fitness features, such as reminders to get up and move around when you’ve been sitting too long, and a Workout app that gives weekly summaries and goal suggestions for the week.

As for the “mechanics” of the phone, the battery will last for 18 hours a day on average, and is charged with a magnetic charger that snaps on when it’s placed near the back of the watch. Users swipe up from the bottom for different features, and can customize details on the watch face, such as the style, time and appointments.

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