Taxi drivers block streets of Rio in protest against Uber

July 24, 2015

More than a 1,000 drivers protested in Rio de Janeiro on Friday (July 24) against ride-sharing company Uber. They blocked roads and stalled traffic during morning rush hour as tensions rose in the city over the mobile app ride service.

uber 2

Uber Technologies Inc responded by offering free rides to customers to help alleviate transport issues on what it called a “difficult day for getting around.”

The company has come under fire in countries around the world, with local taxi drivers complaining that Uber drivers are not properly regulated and have fewer overhead costs, which makes them unfairly competitive.

Lawmakers in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s biggest city, and capital city Brasilia have already voted to ban Uber after protests by local taxi drivers. The bills still require executive approval before taking force.

Are more cities heading in that direction? Or are taxi companies going to have to figure out a way to lower their overhead and start competing instead of complaining?