January 13, 2015

Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo revealed in a new post at Twitter that the band spent time last week writing new music with singer Chester Bennington, with the group headed into the recording studio on Monday (January 12th). STP’s first effort with Bennington on vocals, an EP called High Rise, came out in October 2013. It’s not clear whether the group will now be making a full album.


STP have kept a relatively low profile since completing their first full tour with Bennington at the end of 2013.

The vocalist spent much of 2014 recording and touring with his primary act, Linkin Park.

Robert DeLeo acknowledged a while back that STP would work around Bennington’s schedule with Linkin Park: “His main concern definitely is Linkin Park and, you know, when he’s busy with them, it offers Dean (DeLeo, guitar) and Eric (Kretz, drums) and myself some time to really get some new music together. And when he’s available, that’s when we work, man, and we make the best of that time.”

Bennington joined STP in the spring of 2013 after the band fired original singer Scott Weiland over what they claimed was his erratic behavior and putting his solo career ahead of the band’s.


STP and Weiland launched lawsuits against each other at the time, although the results of both legal actions have not been revealed.

Weiland and his band The Walkabouts will release a new album in March called Blaster.