Special Edition TCPC: Dominique Fricot Interview & Acoustic

December 2, 2015

The next TODDCast Podcast: Cheap Thrills (Vol.2) with Dominique Fricot is coming THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10 to The Roxy on Granville St., downtown Vancouver.

NO TICKETS SOLD for this event … invite and win-your-way-in ONLY!

Cheap_Thrills_Vol_2_fb 8

Dominique stopped by the TODDCast Studio Tuesday night (Dec 1) for a quick chat and to play an acoustic song.

Think of this as the appetizer for December 10. Wanna go? Follow everyone on Twitter … ask to be on the guest list. Til then, enjoy this teaser:

Musical Guests of The TODDCast Podcast are brought to you by The Roxy, Vancouver!