November 24, 2014

Soundgarden release their long-awaited collection of rarities and non-album tracks today (November 24th), called Echo Of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across The Path.

Soundgarden echo

The 50-track, three-disc set contains seven never-before-released songs, including the newly recorded track “Storm,” along with original B-sides, instrumentals, covers and demos recorded throughout the band’s career.

The collection was curated by guitarist Kim Thayil, who said that the size of the project grew over the years, “As we moved along in our recording career, we produced more and more of such material, until by the time (1994 album) Superunknown came out, we realized we just had a lot. We had a lot of instrumentals and covers we had recorded, movie soundtracks, B-sides for various EPs and singles. We knew that we had at least an album’s worth of material. When everything was gathered together and counted, it turned out we had three albums’ worth of material.”

The first disc is subtitled “Originals” and features Soundgarden-written B-sides plus the previously unreleased “Storm” and “Kristi.”

“Covers” is the theme of disc two, with Soundgarden covering songs like the Beatles’ “Come Together,” Black Sabbath’s “Into The Void,” theRolling Stones’ “Stray Cat Blues,” Devo’s “Girl U Want,” the Doors’ “Touch Me” and the Stooges’ “Search And Destroy.”

Disc three is called “Oddities” and includes an assortment of instrumentals, remixes and demos.

Soundgarden plan to release a new studio album in 2015. A remixed version of the band’s first full-length outing, 1988’s Ultramega OK, is also in the pipeline to arrive next year.