Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, QOTSA Members New Project: Ten Commandos

October 7, 2015

Ten Commandos is a new band with Soundgarden & Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron, Soundgarden bassist Ben Shepherd, Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Alain Johannes and Screaming Trees singer Mark Lanegan. Their first single “Staring Down The Dust” comes out Friday (October 9) and their full album will be released in November!


This project has been in the works since early 2014, when Ten Commandos members shared pictures of themselves working together on new music.

Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell said that working on different projects is what keeps an artist fresh. “At no time am I immersed in something that I’ve been doing too much of, and I think that’s kind of what kills the creative spirit,” he said. “That’s sort of what burnout comes from, I think. It’s not from doing too much, it’s from doing the same thing too much.”

ten commandos cd

Cameron and Shepherd previously played together in Hater and Wellwater Conspiracy.

Soundgarden is currently writing music for its seventh studio album, while Cornell is also on a solo acoustic tour. Pearl Jam is on a break but word is they’ll work on a new album in 2016.



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