SLAYER’s KERRY KING On This Year’s MAYHEM FESTIVAL: ‘Whoever Booked This Made A Gigantic Error’

July 22, 2015

At this past Sunday night’s (July 19) Rockstar Energy Mayhem Drink Festival in Hartford, Connecticut, Metal Insider asked Slayer’s Kerry King about festival co-founder Kevin Lyman’s recent comments that metal “chased girls away” because the genre “got gray, bald and fat.” King responded: “It’s a very generalizing statement and it basically throws his tour under the bus. That’s just… that’s not even Business 101. That’s just insane.”


King went on to criticize this year’s edition of Mayhem, saying: “Do I know this tour wasn’t booked correctly? Absolutely I know this tour wasn’t booked correctly. Gary Holt [Slayer guitarist] made the comment that usually there’s the Main Stage, a second stage, a third stage, and then that piece-of-shit record stage… Now what they’re calling a second stage is at best a fourth stage and they’re wondering why people aren’t showing up.”

He continued: “I think they waited too long and think all the talent that could have been on this took gigs in Europe. Because there’s nobody here touring.

“It’s easy to fill these stages, but I guess they wanted a different price point, take away the second and third stage which I think had a lot of value. To me, a second-stage headliner is Anthrax, Machine Head…”

King added: “Whoever booked this made a gigantic error.”

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Asked if he felt Slayer could take up the slack of this year’s Mayhem Festival, King said: “[Without the extra stages] it’s basically a glorified Slayer show,” he said. “Let me put it to you this way: last year, Slayer, Suicidal and Exodus played the Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee and sold it out. Mayhem came through ten days ago and didn’t sell it out. That’s what I’m going up against here.”

He continued: “I understand it from a fan’s perspective. I wouldn’t spend money to come to this either.”