February 3, 2015

Slash has four new film projects in the works through his production company, Slasher Films, according to Billboard. Although a previous report indicated that he had a new movie headed to the screen, the guitarist revealed that more films are in the pipeline. He explained, “I’ve got four plates spinning at this point. I should have something out at the end of this year.”


Slash indicated in an earlier interview with Team Rock what his next picture could be, saying, “It’s called Cut Throat Scenario and I’m producing that, we’re just starting to cast it. The director wrote it, so we have that done, now it’s just a case of raising the money to make it! It’s nothing like Nothing Left To Fear though.”


Nothing Left To Fear was the first movie released through the Slasher Films banner. It was released in 2013 via VOD and home video, with a limited theatrical run as well.

Slash explains what attracted him to becoming a movie producer: “I didn’t set out one day and go, ‘Hey, you know, I’d really like to produce movies’ and make some phone calls. It was sort of dropped into my lap by another producer. And I really wasn’t sure, you know, I didn’t know if I had the aptitude for it, you know — like, what exactly does that entail? But from a creative point of view, I was all over it, and so I just sort of jumped in and found that it didn’t feel all that different than the way I feel when I’m making music.”

Slash attended last month’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, where he presumably worked at setting up financing and distribution deals for his upcoming films.

Slash will tour Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South America for the next two months before returning to the U.S. for a handful of festivals.