SCOTT WEILAND: The Internet Makes Haters Think That They Have A Voice

May 8, 2015

Ex-Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland said in a new interview that his out-of-tune performance of the STP song “Vasoline” during a show in Corpus Christi, Texas with his band The Wildabouts was the result of equipment problems during the gig.


He told on May 3 at the Beale Street Music Festival: “As for the show in Corpus Christi that didn’t go well; that was due to the fact that my in-ear monitors were out completely. I could not hear myself for the entire set. It’s impossible to sound good and be on key if you can’t hear yourself… Without those monitors, you can’t hear yourself. Not at all.”

If you haven’t heard or seen the video… check it out:

Weiland also slammed people who have criticized him via the Internet without having all the facts.

“For people that are haters, the Internet makes them think that they have a voice, and it makes them think that what they have to say is really important,” he said.

“There were people on there saying that I was on heroin again. I haven’t done heroin in thirteen years.”


A rep for Weiland issued a statement explaining that Weiland was tired and had had a couple of drinks before the show, in addition to his earpiece audio issues.

Weiland and The Wildabouts are on the road promoting his new album, “Blaster”, which came out on March 31.