SCOTT WEILAND: “I Don’t Go On Stage Late Anymore”

April 29, 2015

Ex-Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland recently did an interview with and was asked how he has changed as a performer since the days of STP.



“I think that I’m less manic on stage than I used to be, but I still move around and rock the stage with a hundred percent like I always have,” he responded. “I just think that I focus a little bit more on my vocals and a little bit less on spinning around and having it be mayhem.”

Regarding how he thinks the public’s perception of him has changed over the years, Scott said: “Well, one thing is that I don’t go on stage late anymore. That’s been something that’s changed over the last couple years. I’m very cognizant of going on stage on time where in the past I had a propensity for being late. But it came to my attention, my consciousness, that it wasn’t really fair to the audience or the other members of the band.”


Stone Temple Pilots’ guitarist Dean DeLeo recently told the Orange County Register about the band’s decision to dismiss Weiland in 2013 and replace him with Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington: “Robert [DeLeo, bass], Eric [Kretz, drums], Scott and I had put 25 years of our lives into it. Just because I had one guy that didn’t really give a shit anymore, I’m not going to let one guy ruin my dream, my band and my legacy. I worked hard for STP and I love it with a passion. Robert, Eric and I don’t take for granted what the music has meant to people.”

DeLeo added, “I just want to be really clear about something. We were never, in any way, trying to just replace anyone. In his day, and I’m speaking of Scott, there was no one better… no one. I will take that to my grave. In his day, there was no one better, but my dear Scott left us long ago.”