December 15, 2014

According to TMZ, Creed singer Scott Stapp has lost custody of his three children.


A Florida judge ruled on Friday (December 12th) that Stapp’s wife Jaclyn will have sole legal and physical custody of their three kids. The judge also decreed that Stapp is no longer allowed to live in the family’s Florida home.

Meanwhile, Stapp has also allegedly threatened to kill President Barack Obama. TMZ also reported that Jaclyn and her sister called 911 to report that Stapp was “cruising around his neighborhood, shirtless on a bicycle” and claiming to be a CIA agent on a mission to assassinate the President. Stapp’s wife also said on 911 that her husband had printed out roughly 600 pages of documents that he claimed he’d gotten out of CIA archives online, stuffed them in a book bag and taken off.

Stapp himself made his own 911 call during the 40 minutes that his wife and sister-in-law were on the line, accusing his wife of stealing his truck. When police showed up, he told them that his wife was trying to have him locked up after stealing millions of dollars from him. Amazingly, the police apparently did not think that Stapp showed enough signs of mental instability to put him in a psych hold.

scott stapp w wife

The whole drama began three weeks ago when Stapp posted several videos online in which he claimed to be broke, nearly homeless and under “attack” from unnamed enemies who had wiped out his bank accounts and possibly set the IRS on him.

It later turned out that Scott’s wife, Jaclyn, had filed for divorce, claiming that her husband had left their home in early October and had been on a drug bender since then.

Jaclyn Stapp has been attempting to get her husband into a 60-day psychiatric hold, claiming that his drug use has made him paranoid, delusional and possibly dangerous to himself and his family.

Stapp missed a court hearing last week that was being held to determine the state of his mental health.

In the midst of all this, Stapp set up a crowdfunding site to raise $480,000 to fund a new solo album and a writing project. The site has since been taken down.