December 19, 2014

The members of Royal Blood have wanted to open for Foo Fighters even before there was a Royal Blood.


With the duo confirmed to open for the Foos on the U.S. and U.K. legs of the latter group’s 2015 world tour, drummer Ben Thatcher told, “If you asked us individually before Royal Blood even started with band we’d most like to tour with the Foo Fighters would be the ones. So to get the opportunity on this album run is insane.”

Royal Blood is still touring in support of its 2014 self-titled debut but singer/bassist Mike Kerr said that he and Thatcher are already looking forward to working on new music, explaining, “We just want it to flourish musically and make sure we’re always getting the best out of ourselves.”

Kerr said that with the band not planning to record anytime soon, he doesn’t feel pressure writing new songs: “It’s just fun to write knowing what I’m writing now is gonna be a bit of a ways away, so there’s a real sense of ‘I’ve got all the time I need,’ basically, at the moment, so it’s fun. I mean, I write music — that’s what I do.”

  • The band’s North American supporting jaunt with Foo Fighters will begin on July 6th in Camden, New Jersey and stretch into September.