PHILIP ANSELMO Doesn’t Want To Release His Autobiography

July 25, 2015

Former Pantera singer Philip Anselmo says he’s no longer interested in releasing his autobiography, saying that writing a book would be like “going backwards constantly.”

Pantera philip anselmo autobiographymouthcover

Anselmo and writer Corey Mitchell secured a deal in 2013 with Simon & Schuster’s Gallery Books imprint, for Anselmo’s memoir, which was supposed to be titled “Mouth For War: Pantera, Pain, & Pride – Heavy Metal Highs, Drugged Out Lows, & The Battle For My Life”.

It has now been more than two years since Anselmo’s book deal was first announced, and during that time Mitchell, a true-crime author and Housecore Horror Film Festival co-founder, passed away after suffering a heart attack last October, mere hours after the second annual event had concluded. He was only 47 years old.

Anselmo was on the latest episode of “The MetalSucks Podcast” and was asked when his autobiography was going to be released. Anselmo said: “I don’t wanna do it. I don’t wanna do it. You know what?! Here’s my take on it… After reading [former Pantera bassist] Rex’s [Brown] book [2013’s ‘Official Truth, 101 Proof: The Inside Story Of Pantera’] and then all that’s been said and whatnot about Pantera, I don’t wanna do it right now.”

“I’m 47 years old. I think I’m pretty open with the press these days; I ain’t got shit to fucking hide, and I tell my side of the story. And it’s, like, I’m an open book as it is — you could ask me fucking anything, and I’ll tell you the fucking truth. And that’s about that. And as far as my private life goes, my private thoughts, and this and that, I’m not so goddamn sure that I want the rest of the world knowing all my goddamn business. It’s, like, there’s gotta be some limit or line there.