March 10, 2015

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament using his own money to help build a new skateboard park in Stevensville, Montana.

Pearl Jam Ament BigSandySkate12.8.10

According to Rolling Stone, the $60,000 needed to launch the project was initially going to be raised by the community itself through bake sales, raffles and sales of flowers. But after Jeff visited the proposed site last Friday (March 6th), Ament said he would pay for the bowl section of the park out of his own pocket.

Ament has been working for some time to bring skateparks to Montana, his home state. His designated portion of the proceeds from Pearl Jam’s non-profit Vitalogy Foundation — which gets two dollars from every concert ticket the band sells — has been used for parks in Seattle as well as four previous communities in Montana.

Ament told Rolling Stone that he had previously designated in his will that he wanted a portion of his estate to go toward the construction of skateparks in Montana. But he later changed his mind, saying, “I thought, ‘Well, why don’t I just do that now? Why wait until I’m dead, you know?'” Ament said at the time he had pinpointed 10 towns in which to build parks.

Pearl Jam does not have any live dates on its schedule for 2015, although that could change later in the year.