Noel Gallagher – halfway through making new solo album

March 3, 2015

Noel Gallagher has said that he is halfway through recording his next solo album.

Noel Gallagher

Despite only releasing his latest album ‘Chasing Yesterday’ on Monday (March 2), Gallagher told Vogue he’s making good progress on his third solo effort.

Gallagher let slip the information after being asked about the title of his new album and how much it relates to his own sense of nostalgia.

Using the opportunity to poke fun at Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, Gallagher said: “Lyrically I can look back from time to time, you can look back in a song, like ‘The Dying of the Light,’ for instance, you can take on a character in a song that’s looking back, but me personally, I’m already halfway through recording my next album. I mean, as much as I love Jimmy Page — and I fuckin’ love Jimmy Page, as a guitarist and a guy, he’s a fuckin’ brilliant, brilliant man — all he ever does is fuckin’ remaster Led Zeppelin records. D’you know what I mean? Fuck me! Get a job!”

Noel speculated on what his brother Liam does all day following the demise of Beady Eye in 2014. He stated: “I think he probably is working on, you know, developing the perfect desert boot. You know that thing they have in Switzerland, the Hadron Collider, where they’re just smashing atoms into each other to see what the fuck happens? I think he’s got one of those in his house which is just throwing desert boots at each other, in the hope that they will fuckin’ create some kind of fusion, and out will pop the perfect desert boot that will never be bettered by any other human being.”