December 2, 2014

Neither the NFL nor the St. Louis Rams will punish five players who lifted their arms in the “hands-up” gesture that’s become associated with the Ferguson protests during the pre-game introductions on Sunday (Nov 30th).

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The St. Louis Police Officers Association had issued a scathing statement demanding an apology and asking for the players to be disciplined.

The NFL issued a one-sentence statement Monday from spokesman Brian McCarthy, saying, “We respect and understand the concerns of all individuals who have expressed views on this tragic situation,” and Rams coach Jeff Fisher said it was the players’, quote, “choice to exercise their free speech,” but he wouldn’t comment further.

After Sunday’s game, the players who did the “hands-up” gesture didn’t offer any apologies, but said they hadn’t meant any disrespect, explaining instead that as members of St. Louis’ team, were just trying to show their support for the community.

Featured photo: LG Patterson/AP
Story photo: Jeff Curry/USA Today Sports