New NICKELBACK Album: Flo Rida & Electronics

November 14, 2014

Nickelback’s new album, No Fixed Address, contains electronics, keyboards, a horn section and a song featuring rapper Flo Rida.



Singer Chad Kroeger has said in the past that that making each new record different is what keeps things interesting for the band: “When we get in the studio to take on the daunting task of making a Nickelback record, all the band members have such diverse tastes in music that it’s a lot about keeping us happy. We don’t want to get onstage and play the same kind of music for two hours. We like to make sure that everybody in the band is happy and that seems to be keeping the fans happy.”

No Fixed Address arrives on Monday (November 17th) and follows up 2011’s Here And Now.

The band will launch a six-month North American tour on February 14th, 2015 in Allentown, Pennsylvania.