January 23, 2015

Muse has started 2015 with a new video teaser (on their Instagram page) from the studio where the British trio are recording their seventh album. The clip shows singer and guitarist Matt Bellamy sitting in a shadowy room by himself, playing a bluesy passage on a guitar with no one else around him and no other sounds. This clip is different from the one the band posted in December, which showed them working with an orchestra.


The band has hinted at a “back to basics” approach to the music for its seventh studio album, with Bellamy saying late last year that the new record was “gonna get heavy.”

Drummer Dominic Howard said they are their own toughest critics when it came to making music: “Generally, yeah, I suppose we are, you know. ‘Cause we know who we are, where we are as a band and as musicians and performers and, you know, and really how that feels. So we’re very aware of what that is and always trying to make that better somehow or improve it somehow.”

Muse has been working on the new effort for three-and-a-half months and is reportedly recording with legendary producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange, who was behind the board for landmark records like AC/DC’s Back In Black and Def Leppard’s Pyromania.

The new CD is expected out by mid-2015 and will follow up 2012’s The 2nd Law, which was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Album and debuted at Number Two on the Billboard album chart.