January 28, 2015

Muse continues to drop new clues about the band’s upcoming seventh album, which is due out later this year. According to, the group posted a new clip on Instagram on Tuesday morning (January 27th) in which you can hear a short audio clip of what seems to be a military commander shouting threats at a soldier.


The clip is labeled “Psychological Abuse” and seems to be the lead-in to a new song. But what’s most interesting about the clip is that a video screen displaying the recording information can be seen, and under the heading of “Album” is the word Drones.

Could Drones be the title of the new album or the name of the song that’s being recorded in the clip? The band has not elaborated.

Bassist Chris Wolstenholme said that Muse continually likes to challenge itself musically: “I think every band on the planet has their comfort zone and a lot of people prefer to stay in that, but I think we’re one of the bands that actually like going outside of it. You know, there’s nothing more pleasing than making a piece of music that is really, really challenging, and almost something that you feel like you couldn’t have done, you know. ‘Cause when you’ve actually achieved that, it’s like, wow, you know, it’s almost like learning to play instruments again for the first time.”


Muse has posted several short video clips online since entering the studio last October to record the follow-up to 2012’s The 2nd Law.

  • Among the previous posts was one that showed frontman Matt Bellamy playing some bluesy guitar in the studio. Another revealed the band working with an orchestra.
  • Muse entered the studio with legendary AC/DC and Def Leppard producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange last fall, just as word got out that Bellamy’s three-year engagement to actress Kate Hudson was over.