Motörhead’s Lemmy says Radiohead are ‘not very good’

October 23, 2015

Motörhead singer Lemmy sat down with Consequence of Sound and revealed that he’s not a fan of Radiohead.

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The interviewer made reference to bands like Radiohead changing their sound with every album, Lemmy said: “And they’re not very good”.

“Not a Radiohead fan?” the journalist asked, to which Lemmy replied: “No”.


Unlike Radiohead, Lemmy admitted that Motörhead “are getting kind of samey. We play fast and hard. A lot of the albums sound the same. They’re not, you know, but the sound is generally.”

Lemmy said they’re tossing around the idea of releasing an acoustic album and covers record.

Motorhead was recently forced to cancel some shows due to Lemmy’s ill health.


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