METALLICA’s KIRK HAMMETT On Album Delay: ‘We’re Doing Our Best’

September 5, 2015

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett did an interview with KOMP 92.3 FM radio station at the Rock In Rio USA festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.



Check out the full concert below:

During the interview, Hammett spoke about the follow up album to 2008’s “Death Magnetic”, saying, “We’re just plowing away it and working on it every day, and we’re gearing up to actually record some of it now. It’s still so early in the process. You know, these songs we’re recording, they might be on the album, they might not be on the album. It’s just one of those things where we’re just trying to, like, negotiate through all the material and just figure out what the best way to move forward is. And so, that’s basically where we’re at right now.”

Hammett said Metallica is not bound by any schedule, “Yeah, pretty much, no one else has any choice in the matter. A lot of it has to do with the fact that, you know, life takes over for us. We all have families, and we all have the band, and we all have other things in our lives, and it’s just difficult scheduling all four of us in a room. And it’s not because we don’t wanna be together in a room — we want to be together in a room playing music — it’s just there’s other factors pulling at us. And we’re doing our best. We’re trying to work it all out so that we can have a schedule that allows all of us to be in the same place at the same time.”

Metallica play 3 show in September; two shows in Quebec City and at the Rock In Rio festival. Maybe they’ll be able to focus on the new album in the Fall 2015.



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