Metallica’s Kirk Hammett gives Album Update

February 10, 2016

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett recently sat down with Rolling Stone magazine and has given an update on the band’s new album.

Metallica - kirk hammett

Metallica is working on the follow-up to ‘Death Magnetic’, which was released in 2008.

Hammett told Rolling Stone they’re “slogging away”.

“[It’s] moving at a pace that allows us to live our lives and not have our lifestyles change too much,” he revealed, explaining that Metallica have “a bunch of songs, more than enough songs”, but none are finished.

“We’re slogging away,” he continued. “But you know, it’s metal. It’s heavy.”

Metallica - kirk hammett 2

Now the question remains — will this new Metallica album be released this year?


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