February 13, 2015

Metallica has teamed with ski manufacturer Armada to create the band’s own branded line of skis. The group said in a statement, “It’s no secret that three quarters of the band enjoy our snow sports ([guitarist] Kirk [Hammett] is sticking to the water for now!) so we’re excited to announce that we have hooked up with Armada to create a line of Metallica skis for you to cruise around the mountains on.”

metallica skis armada_3

The band added, “Founded by professional skiers and a snow-sports photographer, Armada was skiing’s first rider-owned, rider-operated manufacturer and we admire that independent, do-it-yourself spirit.”

  • The skis will be available at retail in September 2015.
  • An all-mountain ski and a powder ski will both be available, along with a windbreaker jacket and gloves, all branded with Metallica Master Of Puppets-based artwork created by Armada’s graphics team.
  • The skis are available for pre-order now at Metallica’s own online store, with the clothing available in September.
  • As reported earlier this week, Metallica played a corporate gig in San Francisco on Monday (February 9th) for the cloud computing company
  • Also coming up is the second annual edition of Kirk Hammett’s horror-themed Fear FestEvil, a music and memorabilia event that will take place on April 10th, 11th and 12th in San Jose, California.
  • Metallica is also reportedly working on its 10th album in between all its other projects.