Metallica In No Rush To Finish New Album

December 21, 2015

Metallica singer James Hetfield talked about the changes to the music industry and how its affected the way his band conducts business.


“The consumer world, retail, whatever, the product part of it — it’s a whole different way,” Hetfield told the Metallica fan-club magazine So What! “But what hasn’t changed is the way we record.”

He continued: “We have a ton of [new] material [for the next METALLICA album]. We’re sifting our way through it. We want the best of the best. That’s what we’ve always done, and as long as it takes is as long as it takes.

“We’re not gonna cater to the consumer now, because we never have.

“We want the best thing at the right time, whenever that time is right. So to put something out every year just because you need to keep fresh or whatever, that doesn’t work for us. And if we fade away or whatever happens, it happens.”

Hetfield added: “We need to do things the way we feel, and at the end of the day, we feel good about. We feel good that we didn’t try to rush this or that just to please others. But that can also fall into ‘the older you get, maybe the less you care about all that shit.'”


Hetfield went on to talk about how the band pays close attention to technological advancements and how it’s affecting the world: “The changes around us still interest me. It still interests me that, ‘Wow, this is the way people are getting their music.'”

He continued: “As much as we’ve talked about the landscape of the music business not being what it was, I’m excited about the fact that it’s different. That difference used to really scare me, and because things are changing so fast, I’ve started to feel older because I wasn’t keeping up with that pace, found myself sounding like a grandpa! ‘These kids today,’ you know. But what? My way’s better? No. This is just a different way. So I adapt to it as much as I feel comfortable.”

Hetfield also dismissed any talk of retirement in the not-too-distant future, explaining: “Look, musicians never retire. They just become less popular. People think you’ve retired, but no, I’m still writing. It’s a part of me. It’s what I do on this planet. That’s why I’ve been put here, I believe. And if I stop that, part of me dies.”

He continued: “There’s no retirement. So we do what we do until physically we can’t do it.

The new Metallica album is being produced by Greg Fidelman, who was the recording engineer for “Death Magnetic”.


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