Metallica apologize after threatening cover band with legal action

January 14, 2016

Metallica has apologized to Canadian cover band Sandman after Metallica lawyers sent a 41-page cease and desist letter to the tribute band.


Metallica’s legal representatives took objection to Sandman’s logo, which shares the same font style as Metallica’s own logo.

“The band have been using this logo for years with no problems at all,” guitarist Joe Di Taranto told Rolling Stone.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 9.09.02 AM

Following criticism over their heavy-handed actions, Metallica themselves released a statement, blaming an “overzealous attorney”.

The statement read: “Neither we nor our management were aware of until it surfaced online. Lucky for us, the band was kind enough to post it for us to see, and it turns out that we have a very overzealous attorney who sent this letter without our knowledge.”

“Sandman should file the letter in the trash,” the band continued. “Keep doing what you’re doing… we totally support you! And in the meantime, our attorney can be found at SFO catching a flight to go permanently ice fishing in Alaska.”


Di Taranto confirmed that drummer Lars Ulrich called him on Wednesday (January 13) to apologize. “They want us to continue paying tribute to Metallica with their full blessing and approval. We will continue to fly the Metallica flag, loud and proud!” he said.

Guitarist Kirk Hammett said last month that their new album would “likely” arrive in 2016. It will be their new album since 2008’s ‘Death Magnetic’.


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