January 20, 2015

Marilyn Manson releases his ninth studio album, The Pale Emperor, on Tuesday (January 20th). The disc follows up 2012’s Born Villain and was recorded primarily by Manson and composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Tyler Bates.

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While Manson’s last few albums have not been big sellers, he said that he defines success a different way: “It’s how you feel when you go to bed at night. Money is motivating to everybody. It’s not the answer. And, you know, impact is very important to me artistically, but success-wise, the fact that I’m able to be creative as my life, and I can go to bed knowing that, that’s successful to me.”

The first single from The Pale Emperor is called “Deep Six.”

Manson will kick off his Hell Not Hallelujah tour on Wednesday (January 21st) in Washington D.C., ending three weeks later in Las Vegas.