Marilyn Manson covers David Bowie’s ‘Cat People’

February 20, 2016

Marilyn Manson has recorded a cover of David Bowie’s 1982 single “Cat People”.

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The track is part of a tribute compilation to Italian disco pioneer Moroder called ‘Countach (For Giorgio)’ – due for release on February 26.

Manson’s take on the track – originally written by Moroder as the theme song for the 1982 movie of the same name – is a collaboration with country rocker Shooter Jennings, who has helmed the project.

Marilyn Manson wrote a tribute to David Bowie last month following the singer’s death, “Every song of his was a way for me to communicate to others. It was a sedative. An arousal. A love letter I could never have written. It has become and remains a soundtrack to a movie he painted with his voice and guitar. He sang, ‘Hope, it’s a cheap thing.’ I don’t need hope to know that he has found his way to the place that equals his untouchable, chameleon-genius beauty. The black star in space, that only HE belongs. This crushing moment of fear and loss can only be treated the way his music has affected everyone who was fortunate enough to hear and love it.”


Bowie passed away last month (Jan 10) following an 18 month battle with cancer. He released his final album ‘Blackstar’ on January 8, his 69th birthday.

Meanwhile, it was announced this week that Marilyn Manson is set to tour with Slipknot and Of Mice & Men this summer.


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