Manitoba to cut emissions, set carbon cap

December 4, 2015

Manitoba pledged on Thursday (Dec 3) to cut greenhouse gas emissions and start a carbon cap and trade system, the latest Canadian province to set long-term targets to fight climate change.

carbon refinery-emissions

Premier Greg Selinger’s NDP government, which faces an election in April, said Manitoba will aim to cut emissions by one-third by 2030 from 2005 levels.

The province, whose economy depends on farming, manufacturing and mining, will seek to be carbon-neutral by 2080, Selinger said.

Manitoba will also cap carbon emissions for certain sectors, and link its cap and trade system with others in North America, the government said. Details will follow public consultations.

carbon climate-change-election-issue-2

Among the province’s largest emitters are Koch Industries Inc fertilizer plant, a Husky ethanol plant and Winnipeg garbage dump, according to 2013 Environment Canada data.

Canadian provinces are announcing environment-friendly initiatives as a United Nations conference on climate change continues in Paris.


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