Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page: ‘I’m pursuing a new project’

July 18, 2015

Jimmy Page said he’s set to pursue a “new project” after completing remastering sessions for Led Zeppelin’s final three albums – ‘Presence,’ ‘In Through the Out Door’ and ‘Coda.


Speaking to NME, he now says the path is clear for him to pursue his live return.

“The one thing I haven’t been seen to be doing recently is playing guitar,” he said. “So now I’ve got the opportunity to put all my drive into playing the guitar and working out what way to present myself next.”

Page added: “I think it’s safe to assume that will be a new project. I don’t know who with yet because I haven’t had a chance to work on it, but I’ve got material that’s written I want to revisit and well, it’s an exciting time.”