Justin Bieber faces arrest in Argentina

November 14, 2014

Justin Bieber faces arrest in Argentina if he doesn’t return to the country to face questioning in regards to an incident that happened last year.


Word is… Argentinian authorities have employed the services of international police organization Interpol to summon the pop singer to court in Buenos Aires court after being accused of assault by a photographer.

Bieber has been asked return to Argentina to face questioning within the next 60 days or he will be arrested.

Beiber hasn’t been charged with any offence and has not responded to allegations that photographer Diego Pesoa was “chased and beaten” after he tried to take photos of Bieber on November 9, 2013 at the Ink club in Buenos Aires.

The photographer’s lawyer Matias Morla alleges that Bieber ordered his bodyguards to beat Pesoa. “Bieber has to come to Argentina, and it won’t be to sing,” he commented to local press. 

Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto, Getty Images