Jimmy Page: Why Zeppelin named fifth album ‘Houses Of The Holy’ and not ‘V’

November 9, 2014

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has revealed why the band didn’t name their fifth album ‘Led Zeppelin V’.

led-zeppelin airplaneZeppelin’s first four albums used Roman numerals, starting with a self-titled album in 1969 up to 1971’s ‘IV’. For their 5th record in 1973, the format changed and the album was called ‘Houses Of The Holy.’

Asked why this was during a recent Q+A session, Jimmy Page attempted to explain the reasoning behind the decision. Rolling Stone reports that Page said: “”It goes I, II and III, as you say, but then IV, there’s still four symbols, so it still goes in digits [like IIII], you see. But [the fifth album] wasn’t going to be Led Zeppelin Victory Sign [V]. So Houses of the Holy. It’s about all of us being houses of the Holy Spirit, in a sense.”

Meanwhile, Zeppelin tried to have a plagiarism claim dismissed… based around claims the band plagiarised ‘Stairway To Heaven’. A US judge rejected Zeppelin’s appeal. The case was brought against the band by lawyer Francis Malofiy, who said his client – the late Randy California, who played guitar in Spirit – should be given a writing credit on the track ‘Stairway To Heaven’ as it resembles Spirit’s 1968 song ‘Taurus’.

Give a listen to Spirit’s “Taurus”:

US District Court Judge Juan Sanchez denied the motion to dismiss without prejudice, however lawyers working for Led Zeppelin can appeal again.

Jimmy Page previously called the plagiarism claim “ridiculous”.