February 25, 2015

As was the case with all of Led Zeppelin’s albums, Jimmy Page put in the extra effort to ensure that all the musical bases were covered for 1975’s Physical Graffiti, which is the latest of the Zeppelin albums to get a drastic overhaul and expansion under his watchful eye. The album was split between then-new recordings and outtakes from the band’s previous three albums.


Jimmy Page said that he laid the ground work for the new material while composing in his home studio:  “I made it my business to make sure that we were gonna come up with that amount of material, because I had a good half-a-dozen — even more than half-a-dozen pieces to go in with. And one of the ones I had was, like, ‘Ten Years Gone,’ with all the guitar overdubs, because I had a home studio, a multitrack studio, so I could do all this sort of thing and I planned towards it. So, I had ‘Wonton Song,’ I had ’Sick Again,’ on and on and on.”

The new expanded edition of Physical Graffiti features seven previously unissued alternate tracks and outtakes — in addition to remastered versions of such Zeppelin classics as “Kashmir,” “Trampled Under Foot,” “Houses Of The Holy,” “In My Time Of Dying,” “Down By The Seaside,” “Boogie With Stu,” and “The Wonton Song,” among others.


The bonus tracks to featured on Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti – Deluxe Edition are:

“Brandy & Coke” (“Trampled Under Foot” – Initial Rough Mix)
“Sick Again” (Early Version)
“In My Time of Dying” (Initial Rough Mix)
“Houses Of Then Holy” (Rough Mix With Overdubs)
“Everybody Makes It Through” (“In The Light” – Early Version/In Transit)
“Boogie With Stu” (Sunset Sound Mix)
“Driving Through Kashmir” (“Kashmir” – Rough Orchestra Mix)