IRON MAIDEN’s ‘The Book Of Souls’ Billboard Covered For Being ‘Offensive’ To Kids

September 10, 2015

An Iron Maiden billboard promoting their latest album, “The Book Of Souls”, in Berlin, Germany has been covered by concerned parents who claim the image has no business being there due to the school and kindergarten near its location.


The artwork for “The Book Of Souls” was created by Mark Wilkinson, whose previous works for Iron Maiden include “Live At Donington” (1998 remastered version) and “Best Of The ‘B’ Sides” (2002 compilation).

To check the accuracy of the artwork, the band hired Mayanist scholar Simon Martin, who also translated the song titles into hieroglyphs. According to Martin, although the civilization had no Book Of Souls, “the Mayans are very big on souls … So as a title, it’s appropriate to Mayan culture, but it’s very much Iron Maiden’s own thing.”

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