February 10, 2015

Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul is famous among his own bandmates as well as other acts for his cooking, and now Vinnie has revealed that his long-awaited cookbook, tentatively titled Drumming Up An Appetite With Vinnie Paul, will finally see the light of day in 2015.

Vinnie said on In The Vault With Shanda Golden, “I’m gonna get it out, I promise, by Christmas this year. About two Christmases in a row have kind of gone by. But we have a big tour coming up in Europe right after (Hellyeah’s current U.S. headlining tour], so that way, I’ll have a lot of time to myself to finish it up.”


Vinnie added, “I’ve already got about 125 recipes in it . . . it’s all about cooking and having fun with it. I don’t get too specific about it. But I do think a lot of people think cooking is throwing something in the microwave. And it’s something that you’ve really gotta be passionate about, just like playing an instrument.”

Vinnie said a while back told us about the meals he prepared when Hellyeah recorded at his home studio: “You know, we do the barbecue thing, ribs on the smoker, brisket, fresh zucchini, squash, always got to have a salad. And then we do a lot of Mexican food, you know, fajitas, we do tacos, my mom’s famous enchiladas. We do the stuffed jalapenos, we do all that stuff. And then, you know, we also try to eat health conscious, you know, we do like the cauliflower mashed potatoes.”

In addition to his love for cooking, Vinnie revealed that he had other secret interests when he was younger. He explained, “When I was a little kid, I always wanted to be an oceanographer. Jacques Cousteau was my hero . . . And then I wanted to be an astronaut. And then I started growing up and fell in love with music.”

Vinnie also said that he wanted to play football at one point, adding, “Even though I’m a big guy, I’m not big enough to play that sport. I got tired of my fingers getting crushed all the time, and so then I just started playing drums.”

Hellyeah is touring behind its fourth album, Blood For Blood, which arrived last June. The band stops in Spokane, Washington on Tuesday night (February 10th).