Hear Anthrax: New Song ‘Breathing Lightning’

January 4, 2016

Anthrax premiered a new song called “Breathing Lightning” last night (Sunday, January 3) on the BBC Radio 1 “Rock Show” with Daniel P. Carter (check the widget below at 5:30 mark).

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“Breathing Lightning” is on Anthrax’s new album, “For All Kings”, which will be released on February 26, 2016 via Nuclear Blast in Europe and Megaforce in the U.S.


“For All Kings” track listing:


01. You Gotta Believe
02. Monster At The End
03. For All Kings
04. Breathing Lightning
05. Suzerain
06. Evil Twin
07. Blood Eagle Wings
08. Defend/Avenge
09. All Of Them Thieves
10. This Battle Chose Us
11. Zero Tolerance

CD2 (Bonus Live CD)

01. Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t
02. A.I.R.
03. Caught In A Mosh
04. Madhouse


Side A

01. You Gotta Believe
02. Monster At The End
03. For All Kings
04. Breathing Lightning

Side B

01. Suzerain
02. Evil Twin
03. Blood Eagle Wings

Side C

01. Defend/Avenge
02. All Of Them Thieves
03. This Battle Chose Us
04. Zero Tolerance

Side D

– Etched –

Pre-order “For All Kings” here.

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante says: “The cover art for this record is again done by Alex Ross, who is probably one of the greatest artists living. And he did our previous covers. My idea for this one was to show this hall and these huge statues of these kings — who, of course, are us — and trying to tie in the last album cover with these creatures who are drawn into this room with our Anthrax ‘A.’ This one, you’ll see those creatures in this hall kind of trying to reach up at these kings. We tried to tie in the last two album covers with this album cover. And when you see it, it’s beautiful. It’s grandiose. It just has this beautiful look to it. And, yeah, it’s gonna be a great album cover.”

The band went into the recording studio in the fall of 2014 to follow up their Grammy-nominated, critically acclaimed 2011 album, “Worship Music”.

Anthrax recently joined Slayer on a seven-week European tour that started October 25.


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