Harrison Ford dethrones Samuel L. Jackson as highest-grossing Actor

January 9, 2016

Harrison Ford is Hollywood’s highest-grossing box office actor of all time.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in which he reprises his iconic role as Han Solo, is helping Ford up to the top spot.

Ford held the top spot until 2005 but was knocked off by Samuel L. Jackson, himself aided by the money made by his involvement in the Star Wars trilogy released at the turn of the century. Episode III: Revenge of the Sith was the film which helped Jackson secure the top spot 11 years ago.


Ford’s 41 film roles have generated $4,699.5 billion. Jackson has helped make $4.626.4 billion across 68 titles. In addition to Star Wars, Ford has played his part in lucrative films such as Indiana Jones, The Fugitive and Air Force One.

Tom Hanks ($4.33bn), Morgan Freeman ($4.32bn) and Eddie Murphy ($3.81bn) complete the list of the top five highest-grossing stars. Cameron Diaz is the highest ranking woman in 15th spot with $3.03bn.


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