GUNS N’ ROSES Reportedly Confirms BUMBLEFOOT Is Out Of The Band

July 31, 2015

According to journalist Gary Graff, a “confirmed source” with Guns N’ Roses has clarified the status of Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, saying that the guitarist is indeed out of the band — for quite some time, actually.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 9.09.57 PM

The source told Graff: “Bumblefoot quit last year. I don’t understand why he continues to be evasive on his status with the band — he quit in South America. He told [Guns N’ Roses lead singer] Axl [Rose] he was done and [the second GN’R Las] Vegas [residency] would be his last run with the band.”

Asked by Graff earlier this week to clarify his status with Guns N’ Roses, Thal said: “That is the thing I am not to elaborate on. I think there’s enough clues out there for you to figure out what I’m up to now.”

He continued: “I’m a real busy guy and really enjoying everything I’m doing, and I think that everything I’m doing has a future and a bigger plan — the solo stuff, the other bands, the producing, the charity and educational things I’m doing. These are all the things I love that I’ve really missed, and I’m very happy to be putting my time back into that. It’s really what I should be doing.”

Bumblefoot released a new solo album, “Little Brother Is Watching”, in February. The disc was composed, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Bumblefoot at his studio in New Jersey, and also features drummer Dennis Leeflang.