Green Day release trailer for new ‘American Idiot’ documentary film

September 22, 2015

Green Day has released a trailer video for their new documentary film Heart Like A Hand Grenade.


Described as a “time capsule rock doc”, the movie revisits the band during the making of their 2004 album ‘American Idiot’.

The film will be released October 15 and was directed by John Rocker, who spent nine months filming Green Day during the making of the album.

In a lengthy statement written on the band’s website, Rocker describes his lifelong passion for punk music and what to expect from the new documentary.

“This film does not contain high drama or fighting. It shows a band on top of their game creating incredible music. It is a film that inspires. It is also a very small film. All it took was a box of tapes and one camera. Going back to the DIY ethic that I was raised with.”


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