November 19, 2014

Godsmack singer Sully Erna told a Boston radio station that the band’s new single, “Something Different,” is a “really special song, it’s really unique, definitely branching out from what we usually do, and a little bit more on the commercial side of things, but it’s still powerful and it has a really big hook and I love the track. It’s cool. It’s a really unique song that we created.”


Erna said the song’s lyrics were inspired by his thoughts on relationships, “You know, most people in relationships don’t feel heard, you know, they don’t feel understood, and I think that song just reflects on everyday people that are in that relationship that, you know, was once great and now that like, “I see black, you see white — why do we keep missing each other here?’ So it’s just a very generalized kind of statement about being unseen and unheard in a relationship that was once probably really respected and honored.”

Erna said that he hopes the track will be the “biggest single” off the band’s latest album, 1000 Horsepower. It’s currently #8 at Rock Radio.

1000 Horsepower is Godsmack’s sixth album and was released on August 5th, debuting at Number Three on the Billboard.