December 12, 2014

Ex-Korn drummer David Silveria has told Rolling Stone that it is “wrong” for his former bandmates to play the group’s self-titled debut album without him on Korn’s upcoming tour, saying that he had “just as much of a creative input as any of (the other) guys while writing and making (the) record.”


Korn plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its first album by performing the record in its entirety at select gigs.

Silveria explained, “I feel like it was wrong to go play this record without me, because I was just as much of a creative input as any of these guys while writing and making this record. So I think it was wrong to do it without me, but it’s not really weird. They’ve been playing and touring years without me. I just think they should’ve asked me to come play the tour.”

  • Silveria was the second member of Korn’s original lineup to depart, leaving in late 2006.
  • Korn singer Jonathan Davis told us that he believed Silveria had lost his passion for playing music, saying, “He really didn’t like playing drums. The first two albums, I think, he really enjoyed playing drums and then after that he just lost his love for playing drums. It happens.”
  • Davis said that he was a very different person himself when the band started out, “I was a dumb punk kid. I was the greatest (laughs). No one could tell me anything ’cause I was so f**ked up on drugs and alcohol. It wasn’t until later on in the band’s career that I started realizing these things and waking up, ’cause we were just in a big fog, you know.”
  • Korn has just completed a run as special guests of Slipknot on the latter’s “Prepare For Hell Tour,” which wrapped up on December 7th in Boston. Korn has yet to announce North American dates for 2015.
  • David Silveria recently started a new band called Infinika, which has released a debut album called Echoes And Traces.