December 6, 2014

Former Faith No More singer Chuck Mosley says he’s overwhelmed by the fan response to his Facebook post earlier this week, where he revealed that he and his family have fallen on hard times and need financial help.


On December 3rd, he posted that his family is on the verge of being kicked out of their home. He explained, “…Our landlord wants to sell the house we’ve lived in for ten years, and yes, we are behind in our rent, so he’s using that as leverage to get us out so he can fix up and sell, right away, Technically, we’re supposed to be out today, December 3rd, but he’s deciding whether to give us another week. So here I am, for my family, on my knees, asking for help.”

He added that he’s “ashamed” for being in this condition, and apologized for abusing his friendships by asking for help but the reality is that he would be willing to do anything for his family, as long as it’s legal. He wrote, “The bottom line is we are broker than we’ve been in a good good long time, and can’t bail out, so here I am asking that anybody who could afford to send a few dollars to my/our PayPal account (…”

  • Chuck’s “better half”, an artist named Pip Logan, will be sending larger donors some of her artwork as a thank you.
  • A few hours after his initial post he wrote, “We are overwhelmed by your support. I hate asking for help. We put the digital downloads of our albums ‘Will Rap Over Hard Rock For Food’ and ‘Demosforsale’ for 1$/donation at and we will be adding a few signed vinyl and CD copies soon. Big thanks to Matt Gladyszewski for taking extra photos for the demo release and to Cristian Saldías Sepúlveda for the graphic design help.”