February 23, 2015

Video footage from the pre-production of Rob Zombie’s new movie, 31, has been released. Zombie recently revealed that he had launched a campaign to crowdfund 31.


Zombie tells Revolver magazine: “[A] movie that you could get made years ago, you cannot get made anymore, because the business changes, things change. And I’ve noticed that, there’s also a lot of aspects of the crowdfunding that were sort of taking place already, where people always wanna buy props or own a piece of the movie or somehow be involved after the fact, whereas after the fact, there’s nothing much to be involved with. So what I liked about crowdfunding — ’cause it wasn’t something I… I, like most people, it’s new to them — is I thought, this is a way to get a movie made that you know the fans want that studios are a little ‘iffy’ on, and they can be involved too in a way that they would like to be involved, through things that have gone on in the past that I’ve noticed. So it seems sort of like a logical progression for a film like this.”

To motivate potential funders, Zombie offered autographed posters, a winner’s name in the credits, props from his previous movies including masks from Halloween and giant crosses from House of 1000 Corpses, a lifetime laminate to see any Zombie show anywhere and a chance to appear as an extra in 31.

The movie follows five people who are kidnapped in the five days leading up to Halloween and depicts their fight for survival. In order to stay alive, the hostages play an opponent-killing game called “31.”

Discussing his inspiration for the movie, Zombie said: “I was reading this statistic: Halloween is the Number One day of the year when people go missing for some reason. I thought, ‘What an interesting premise for a film.’ This is five people that go missing on each day leading up to Halloween and what happens to them on the 31st.”