December 24, 2014

Call him a Grinch but Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins said he’s just not feeling the Christmas spirit these days: “The older you get, the more of a s**tstorm Christmas becomes, really. It’s like, it used to, when you were seven years old it was like the most magical day in the world, and now that I’m an old 42-year-old geezer it’s always a pain in the ass. I didn’t get enough presents for everybody and I’m not being nice enough to Aunt Whatever and, you know, here’s another cheese plate and another cookie plate… (laughs) Bah humbug.”

Foo taylor-hawkins

Foo Fighters released their eighth album, Sonic Highways, last month, accompanied by an eight-part HBO documentary, directed by Dave Grohl, about its making.

  • The band traveled to eight different cities to record a song in each one, while collaborating with local artists and delving into the area’s musical history.
  • Foo Fighters will launch a major North American tour next summer.

Featured photo: Mike Lawrie, Getty Images